The Sanctuary

Edna, TX


In his second performance at The Sanctuary, a newly renovated event space and concert series in Edna, TX, Stephen is joined by flautist Karen Galland. They will present a program that takes the listner around the globe and through time. Works by Piazzolla, Satie, Stanley Meyers, Villa-Lobos, and more.

Cactus Cafe (ACG's Classical Cactus)

Austin, TX


Stephen returns to the iconic Cactus Cafe for the fifth time. He will present several new ensemble projects., including Textura, an innovate, multi-instrumental ensemble that will present a fresh take on a baroque ground. Textura is comprised of Valeria Diaz (piano), Luis Rangel (bass) Cory Fica (percussion) and Stephen Krishnan (guitar). 

He will also be premiering a new arrangement of Steely Dan's Peg, featuring dear friend and winner of 2006 GFA Youth Competition, Thales Smith.

Tetractys New Music

Austin, TX


Stephen will premire a new microtonal work for guitar called Warped Clocks, in an exciting collaboration with esteemed composer Hakki Cengiz Eren. The piece is an exploration of interactions between quarter, sixth, and eigth tones, and one of the only microtonal pieces written for standard guitar.